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Probably the most enthusiastic and motivated agent to hit the scene in Saskatoon in years, I am taking all of the customer service, attention to detail and drive Saskatoon has come to expect from my work as a highly sought-after photographer and applying it to your real estate needs. 


                                                                                     Backed by the experience and record breaking sales of The Boyes Group Rea1                                                                                              Estate, I take my passion for real estate, eye for what sells and keen sense of                                                                                              the market to bring you easy, efficient and profitable real estate service.  


                                                                                     I am an active member of the community and my husband and I are thrilled to                                                                                        raise our kids in this thriving and growing city. 


                                                                                     I have always worked tirelessly so that my clients can rest easier.  Here’s what                                                                                          some of my past business (photography) clients have to say about how I handled                                                                                      their business: 


                                                                                     “I’ve known Heather for several years and she’s one of the most hard-                                                                                                   working, honest and personable people I know. Working together always                                                                                              gets great results; she’s so well organized and really cares about her clients’                                                                                        needs. She pays attention to all the details and makes what she does seem                                                                                            effortless. No pressure on you; in fact, the whole experience is fun. You’re an                                                                                        informed partner; you learn a lot, and you know she has represented you in                                                                                        the best way and the results are always exactly as you hoped.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                          – Karin, Saskatoon


                                                                                      “We’ve worked with Heather several times over the past five years and                                                                                                        witnessed firsthand that she is extremely organized and efficient. She has an                                                                                            excellent rapport with people of all ages and is very outgoing and friendly. We                                                                                          see that she has based her business on all of the strengths in her personality. One of Heather’s traits that we think is most important is her integrity. We trust that she always has our best interests at heart and that the work she does has always been of the utmost quality. Without hesitation, we continue to recommend Heather.” – Kara and Ryan, Saskatoon


“Heather Fritz inspires confidence. She has that rare combination of intelligence, experience, and an effervescent personality that makes working with her a sheer joy. I was most impressed with how she became a fierce advocate for what our family wanted, even before we had a clear idea of what that was. And she did this by listening—carefully listening. She is an impeccable professional.” – Richard, Saskatoon


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